Tentang Kami

PT. Multi Artistikacithra Advertising as known as Match-Ad is advertising agency in Surabaya that has established for more than 25 years, we provide the effective promotion services for fulfill clients needs to introduce, communicate and promoting their products to the public market.

Founded on June 22th, 1990 segment focus is outdoor media advertisement especially provision strategic location for provide services that increasing quality, creativity in every promotional media and using the latest material and technology.



Continues to grow as a pioneer in asia that aims to become a blessing for all segments that are related to us.


Strongly committed to grow and work as a team in order to provide the best service to all segments. Always prioritizes customer satisfaction, add value to the community, and commits to the environment.


Faithful and Devoted to God

I believe in God who created, maintain, given the ability and perfection, which is implemented and accounted for glory.

Positive Thinking

I always have to live with the views, thoughts and positive attitude and courage so as to develop a better direction.

Courageous and Strong

I miss the challenge of the work or the challenges of life as vitamins and supplements to make me more mature, more mature and better at addressing all the problems that arise, so as to face and resolve all situations with positive results.

Honesty, Confidence, Integrity

I uphold the integrity and confidence to provide care and devotion with a vengeance in the works for the best results. Prioritize and make honesty as the main foundation of thinking, behaving and acting.


I communicate well mannered, easy to understand and be able to account for what is communicated with colleagues, customers, suppliers, government and society. Avoiding communication irresponsible and negative nature such as provocation, gossip and conversation down the other side.

Responsible, Discipline, and Sense of Belonging

I am responsible and disciplined in every action I do, and ownership of all that exists.

Team Work

I work as a team that focuses on achieving results tercanangkan. I am concerned about the difficulties and needs of their fellow team and not indifferent, would provide guidance and assistance to the team who need to achieve corporate goals.

Creative and Inovation

I always increase the knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation to grow according to the company’s growth to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.